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When you are a contractor, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Having contractor’s insurance ensures that you are covered. At Bertilacchi Insurance we’ve insured contractors in Stockton, Lodi & Manteca.

We understand that every contracting business is different. That is why we have many options that are available to you. We’ll get to know your business and we’ll find you right amount of contractor insurance coverage, at the best rate possible. We work with many great providers which saves you the hassle of having to shop around. We have polices that will cover your property and any liability issues.
Property coverage will help protect your business assets such as buildings, landscaping and your equipment against any damages. Having the right amount of property coverage will guarantee that if anything were to happen, you are covered.
Lawsuits can be very costly and having comprehensive general liability insurance will make sure that in the event you are sued, you will have the financial backing to pay for those costs. Don’t let a legal issue ruin your business, with our comprehensive general liability insurance policy, you are covered.
There is also a completed operations policy which will cover you in the event that there is bodily injury and property damage claims against you after a construction project has been completed.
Beyond basic property coverage there is also an option for more broad coverage with mobile equipment policies. This is for mobile equipment, tools, and equipment used in your contracting jobs.
There is also a more advanced coverage called an installation floater which will cover property that you own or that you are responsible for while you are in transit, waiting to install or being installed on your job site. Also if you are using any computer equipment for your job, it can be very expensive to replace, so we also offer computer property insurance coverage.
Regardless of what kind of contracting business you do, we can find you the perfect contractor’s insurance policy. We’ve been helping people insure what is most important to them and their business since 1964.  Contact us today to get started or Click Here for a free rate quote.


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